Natural Science-fictional Field Studies is a collective work of art that addresses the migratory routes and habits of birds. The multi-disciplinary installation includes sound, sculpture, video and various investigations of display that explore and challenge traditional exhibition design associated to Natural History. Launched at the Geo-Centre on Møns Klint the work is a site-specific homage to the large population of wild birds at the center and opened as part of a show of ornithology drawings by Niels Peter Andreasen. While all investigations have been conducted with a passionate approach and based on a human scale, the work has proceeded from the categories ‘eat,’ ‘migrate’ and ‘breed’.

The exhibition includes a large-scale intervention of the historical hotel at Møns Klint, transforming the façade into a kind of “bird house”. Smaller “bird houses” surround the larger house and contain video. Near by a series of small sculptures and found objects are displayed in reclaimed field waggons; relocating the language of Natural History exhibition design into whimsical and alternative settings. This playful interaction with the centre extends into the museum shop where three small publications made for Natural Science-fictional Field Studies are sold (‘eat,’ ‘migrate’ and ‘breed.’) Finally, the shop sells a ‘bird seed ball’ ice-lolly produced in cooperation with Møn Is.

The collective includes Artists; Kristina Ask, Thomas Gunnar Bagge, Frederikke Hansen, Christian Hillesø, Till Junkel, Line Skywalker Karlström, Sine Lewis, Mia Sloth Møller and Sara Skaaning.

Funded by the Danish Arts Council, Vordingborg Billedkunstråd, Vordingborg Kulturudvalg, Danish Outdoor Council, and Nordea-fonden.

The work can be viewed at GeoCenter Møns Klint until the 31st of October. Admission is free.